Colonial Heights Community Day School

Dress for Success

          The required "Dress for Success" code allows students to present themselves with a positive image and participate in a learning environment free from distractions. The teaching staff has the authority to determine whether attire conforms to the "Dress for Success" guidelines.


          Males must wear dress or casual style trousers, at hip height, with a belt fastened sufficiently tight to secure them at that height. Cargo style pants are not allowed. A polo shirt with a collar is visible at all times, buttoned to the next-to-the-top button, and remain tucked in at all times. Shoes must be either casual or dress style and must be worn with socks. Shoes must be tied completely to the top eyelet.


          Females must wear skirts or dresses (no more than 2 inches above the knee) or full length slacks; if belt loops are provided, a belt must be worn  with the outfit. A shirt with a collar or polo style shirt is required, buttoned to the next-to-the-top button. Shirttails must be long enough to remain tucked in at all times. Shoes must be either casual or dress style and must be tied completely to the top eyelet. Socks or plain hose must be worn daily.

          The "Dress for Success" code strictly prohibits the following at all times:

  1. Hats, headbands, head covers, any other headgear (confiscated if seen).
  2. Any type of tennis shoe
  3. Denim jeans of any color, or any trousers with a patch type pocket in the back.
  4. Coats, sweaters, sweatshirts worn over clothing (must be removed inside the class room)
  5. Sunglasses
  6. T-shirts (unless white and worn under a dress shirt)
  7. Any type of attire which contains messages of violent, sexual, profane, or tobacco/drug/alcohol-related nature or which is offensive to others.
  8. Body-piercing jewelry with the exception of earrrings
  9. Uncombed hair, hairstyles gelled upward longer than 2 inches, or hairstyles that fall below the eyebrows.

Following the "Dress for Success" guidelines will eliminate having to address any of the listed restrictions. Students who do not conform to the dress will be removed from the program.